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    For some reason I kept this tab open on Chrome and whenever I restarted my computer, I got greeted with this song. Nice.

  3. Scanning some old magazines.

  4. sparth:

    first sketch done in that awesome program called Hexels.
    trixel mode with a 90 degree horizontal.

    give it a try it’s awesome.

  5. pixelatedcowboy:

    more of this (but more molting dead petal wings)

    the center is meant to be an hour glass that times how long is left until she’s stuck like that forever u_u

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  6. Korean.

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  7. When I go to sign up for a website but it tells me my email is already registered

  8. My favorite shot from Paperman.

  9. Die-cast Mazinger-Z for $500. I say it’s worth it. 

    Ebay Link


  10. the soothing sound of 14 pitched down crying babiesimage

    Holy crap. What nightmares are made of.

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